Monday, September 22, 2008

Is it cheating or just laziness?

I went to a small pizza place close to campus one night this weekend and was cheated by the owner. Lomo got a $2.50 slice of pepperoni and I got a $2.00 slice of cheese. The man behind the counter (presumably the owner) heated up the slices in an oven and they came out melted and terrific. I got another slice, so the pre-tax total came to $4.00 for me and $2.5o for Lomo. There was another girl who was charged $5.50 in total for two slices of pepperoni. When I went to pay, the man told me I owed $4.50 and I asked how that was, and he said there was tax. I took his word for it at the time, even though I was sketched out by the guy. I told Lomo after and she said she was semi-sketched, too. When you break it down, you realize that the rate of taxation was not constant among the three customers:

1) $4.00+$.50 tax = tax rate of 12.5% for me
2) $2.50+$.25 tax = tax rate of 10% for Lomo
3) $5.00+$.50 tax = tax rate of 10% for the other girl

I checked on the South Carolina website and it turns out that the tax rate for prepared foods is 6%. On one hand, I feel taken advantage of by the owner, who might think that college students will not realize his creative tax scheme. On the other hand, I pity the owner who feels that it's necessary or appropriate for him to cheat his customers. Knowing myself, I probably would've felt bad embarrassing the owner in a public confrontation, but that is what I should have done. What do you think I should do? Should I call the BBB or should I forget about it?

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Lauren Frances Moore said...

I'm so glad you did some research... this man is going doooown... well, he deserves to at least, but DANG that pizza was good... still, I think he should be confronted... but I can assure you I won't be doing any confronting, because that man and his sidekick are frightening.