Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The ONE movement: A little goes a long way in ending poverty

Last year I signed up to be a part of the ONE campaign, which brings all types of Americans, both Conservatives and Democrats, together to work for the end of global poverty. POVERTY: the word is thrown around so often that at times its significance is diminished. However, we cannot forget that we are in the position to enact global change.

The ONE campaign is a good way for college students (and other people, of course) to become involved in not only spreading awareness about the ugly realities that exist throughout the world, but in demanding real change by writing letters to editors of newspapers and calling members of Congress.

I can understand why the individual college student might view the impact of actions such as dressing a school's mascot in a ONE t-shirt with skepticism; however, the reality is that peaceful change does not happen as quickly as it should. We need to do everything we can, however small, to spread the word about the progress we want in the world, in order to cause change, however slow. Please don't give up, the world needs you now more than ever. To join the ONE team, click here.

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