Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Visual stimulation

The other day I had a couple of hours in between classes, and decided to explore outside of campus; to get home, we take a right out of campus, so when I told my plan to another student in the exchange program, she said, "Oooh, left! That sounds exciting." After taking a left, and then a right, I came upon this street, where marble and stone shops intermingle with kiosks offering tiny cups of milky tea. These three women walked in front of me much of the time, and I loved having them there on what felt like the female team. (I still have not gotten used to being looked at as a foreigner by people on the street, clearly.) Once and awhile I exchanged knowing looks with one of the burqa-clad ladies.

Returning to school on the same street I came upon this muscular gentleman cutting stone; something about his body language, his countenance, struck me. Can't you kind of just feel the force that he carries from head to toe?

The main streets in this city are extremely busy, and drivers are not afraid to come so close to you in order to scare you from crossing the street. However, this lady looks pretty calm to me! (Forgive me the poor picture quality, I had to snap it fast!)

We found these two sitting on the rocks at a city reservoir/lake during our City Tour last Friday; in order to get in, the program leader had to slip the watchman at the gate some sum of rupees. The little one is happy, and the older man is more serious. Later we saw them catch a water ride, possibly to the other side of the lake?

There are more photos to show, but I am afraid I am being politely removed from the computer lab at school!


Dad said...

Great stuff, Lauren.

I am becoming a Laurenblogspot addict!

Please keep feeding my addiction...Dad

Sanaz Arjomand said...

thank you for the pictures! keep lookin' out girl. (and look in sometimes too, for us to see.)
miss you mucho,

Catherine (usually just Cat) said...

mail is on its way :)

Kristen said...

i like the muscular stone cutter meself. Get a close up next time, okay?

Lauren Frances Moore said...

nothin like a man and his power tools