Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alive and well

I don't have too much time to write much of anything right now, but I thought I'd take a moment to say that I am safe, well, and experiencing culture shock! And I thought I'd be prepared for anything...ha! It took some time to get used to the time difference (+9.5), but now I can officially say that I am on schedule! People here go to bed and get up early; typically they are in bed by 10PM, and are up by 6AM. We will see how well I adjust to that cultural tendency. So far, I have seen quite a disparity in wealth, and I have barely touched the surface on this city, Bengaluru. I have pictures, but I am sitting in a coffee shop and unexpectedly found computers. Despite this being an IT hub, wireless service is extremely rare. Anyways, I will write more soon, but I must go, as my credit here is approaching empty. Much love to all!


Sanaz Arjomand said...

OH lauren! i'm so so glad to hear (read) from you. we miss you here in charleston, though we know you have so much to see, do, learn, try... i hope that there are lots more (pleasant) surprises to come!

Kristen Gehrman said...

We are ready and waiting to read. I want to see what you see please!!!

David Glaser said...

Hey Lauren,

I was so fortunate to have been able to figure out the link thanks to Esther! Looking forward to reading many more blog entries and to learning what you are experiencing in that far away and mystical place.

Keep 'em coming!

Esther said...

Dear Lauren -

I was so glad to read your first blog and to see some of the pictures. India is a great adventure for you. So vividly different. Do you think there are opportunities to meet Bangaloreans?

Catherine said...

Lauren darling!
I'm so glad to hear/read that you are doing well and getting settled in. I'm so excited to hear/read about all of your adventures this semester! Could you please get me your address when you know it? Casey and I and i'm sure everyone else want to write to you :)

Miss you love!

Catherine said...

just kidding, i found your address :)