Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Photo Collage of things Wonderfully Charlestonian

I took a solitary walk around parts of historic Charleston in the first week of October (it's hard to believe this month's already here!). I brought my camera along to capture things that struck my eye:

Greek revival influences

Beautiful home steps from the Battery. Classical Revival?

Charleston double house

Boardwalk at the "Battery"

Charleston single house

A tree protruding from Legare Street

Simmons-Edwards Gardens

I casually perused the internet to find out about the styles of architecture in historic Charleston, but they are so varied that I had difficulty identifying the homes pictured above. This fact does not bother me too much right now; what I do hope is that the variety of Charleston architecture comes across through my photo spread and that those who have not toured Charleston strongly consider doing so, pronto (i.e. if you come and visit me, I will show you around ;-D ).


Anonymous said...

These are great pics

cat said...

why hello ms. lauren beth glaser...i just wanted to let you know that i am now addicted to your blog, i think your writting is fab, and these pictures are wonderful! love you dear and i'll see you soon <3