Friday, November 9, 2012

Dance now, and then some more later!

Growing up, I was not one of the little pretty girls whose parents signed her up for ballet or tap classes. Rather, and perhaps owing to the fact that I had two older brothers, I was enrolled from the moment of my birth in more athletic pursuits, such as recreational soccer, baseball, and basketball. I was without doubt, for a couple of years of my adolescence, a bonafide tomboy. Secretly, however, I guarded a secret; I was enthralled with choreographed dances. Once in a while I would try to create one on my own, and even with friends here and there. But I never took dance classes until one summer in high school, when I decided to jump in and take a dance intensive at a downtown studio. I am sure I was one of the worse of the group, but what I remember more than that was the pure, unadulterated joy I felt while dancing to Rihanna's "Disturbia."

Needless to say, my dance career never took off. Still, in college, I decided to sign up for a semester of ballet, for which I actually had to buy (and wear!!) a tutu, and the ballet slippers I never imagined I would wear because they were so lovely. I think because of my athleticism I squeezed by in my class of 30 (my teacher could see I was trying!), performing at the barre with more muscle than grace.

It has been a couple of years since I took that dance class, but my urge to dance has never wavered. This is one of the reasons I so much enjoy Zumba, and have even become a licensed instructor: I can do dance moves that feel good, yet are not so difficult that I feel delayed.

Yesterday I took a chance and went to an Afro-contemporary dance class in Central Square at the Dance Complex, an incredible volunteer-run center that offers hundreds of classes a week. I did not care so much that I was the least experienced and able of the group. Dance feels so good, and I need to continue to push myself to do the things that I enjoy, regardless of my skill.

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Lauren Frances Moore said...

love it lauren!! your enthusiasm is so contagious - wish i could be in your zumba class!!!