Wednesday, November 2, 2011

See you next time, New York City

Two days before I was going to move to NYC, I got accepted into the Community HealthCorps program, with a site placement at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. I had interviewed with them a month or so prior, and since I had not made successful contact thereafter, I assumed that I was out of the running.

For the last two weeks, I had been telling people about my plans to move to NYC. I was not especially excited, but I did my best to get positive energy flowing. It was especially hard to look forward to moving to a monstro-city to do a program I only generally understood, but nonetheless I was ready to commit for a year.

But then my luck improved. I got the call, and all of a sudden things seemed just as I wanted: I had a job working in the Hispanic community, I was three and a half hours closer to a new loved one, I had a free subway pass, and I was close to the MBTA.

I don't believe things are "meant" to be a particular way. Certain things I can't control, like whether I happen to take the one subway car that gets stuck underground and arrive late to a crucial meeting, or whether someone reacts especially angrily to a attempt I make at being friendly. However, I know that I am in control of my most of my own circumstances from this point onward. This is an incredibly freeing state of mind.

It is November, but the joy that I started to feel last Spring is keeping me warm in the Boston chill.

My friend Alona and I make a pit-stop while we look for apartments in the Boston area

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Lauren Frances Moore said...

lauren, this is great news!! it's amazing how things work out :) miss you lots! i guess i'll have to come to boston one of these days!