Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Mr. Cassilly held onto his sense of childlike wonder, shunning some of the usual trappings of adulthood.

He never collected a regular wage and insisted that his many occupations...did not define him....

Perhaps his boldest vision was to create what he called Cementland, another tourist attraction, this one at the site of an abandoned cement factory in St. Louis next to the Mississippi River. He would sometimes go there on weekends alone to bulldoze dirt himself....

Cementland's planned attractions, however outlandish, were easier to grasp. Mr. Cassilly knew that children of all ages would relish throwing rocks from the plant's 225-foot-high smokestack, or riding in a boat from the top of a silo along a winding water chute four-fifths of a mile long before dropping into a lake.

'It will be a place where we can do things that are normally illegal,' Mr. Cassilly said in a  2005 interview with The St. Louis Post-Dispatch.'"
Martin, Douglas. "Bob Cassilly, kept whimsy, wonder of childhood alive." Boston Globe 2 Oct 2011. Print.

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Lauren Frances Moore said...

this guy does the coolest stuff! i can't wait to visit his "city musuem" as well as cementland whenever it's finished! i almost based my bachelors essay around a premise that included much of cassily's work!

miss you lots and i hope you've got your hands in something awesome as always!