Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What you find when you pause the seeking

While many people suffered negative consequences from Hurricane Irene, I was lucky to have found an opportunity to rejuvenate. It was strangely refreshing to stop worrying about my future and to focus primarily on the basic matters at hand, like how I would take a shower, prepare something to eat, and maneuver through my house. During the day, instead of jumping on the computer to craft cover letters and search my favorite job sites, I had to find activities that did not involve electricity (it was out for two days); I made a new journal using photographs from my trip to Colombia (and wrote my first entry), cleaned out stuff in my room that I had not seen since the last time I was here months ago, put out new photographs, hung up different wall art, dusted, and moved my furniture around. Forcibly powering down certainly was good for me! I'd like to hold this experience as a reminder as I do my best not to go insane as I rack my brain about what's next, and seriously contemplate taking the night train far, far away. Okay, please ignore the last sentence! For one time I'm not actually thinking of taking the night train, I just liked the rhyme; in fact, at the moment I'm trying to find opportunities in the Northeast. It sure is a strange, surprisingly beautiful time in my life. I'd like to write some more about the post's title, but perhaps I'll wait until a later time!

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