Monday, July 25, 2011

"Hi, I'm Lauren, nice to meet you"

At BCI, there was this smaller Hungarian man in my music workshop. In this workshop, there were only twelve of us, but each day, when we'd start off our one-and-a-half hour sessions by passing a hand drum around and sharing how we were feeling at that moment, he'd say in his adorable accent, "Hello, my name is Daniel, so nice to meet you!" After a couple of days it became a routine, comical part of the circle that never failed in causing at least two of us to chuckle. 

I have a whole trunk full of memories from BCI; it was honestly the best community experience I've had in my life. And not only that, but it was a place for cultivating my unique Jewish identity in which I felt no judgment, no expectations to adhere to any religious codes or beliefs, only the hands on my shoulders from the Education Fellows that told me I was okay where I was, that they understood my concerns about various aspects of Jewish tradition and practice. 

*     *     *

I am now in San Francisco (Berkeley, to be true to the moment). There is much to write about how I got here, the people I've gotten to know, the connection I've felt, the generosity I've witnessed, and more, from the time I started BCI until now. Now that I am settled, at least for a few days in a place with reliable internet, I hope to excavate and unpack at least some of it. 

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Lauren Frances Moore said...

can't wait to hear more!! miss you girly!