Monday, June 6, 2011

Winding up in Charleston

I've been trying to relish in these past days here in Charleston, as there are so many fabulous aspects of the city. I've visited a few places I never managed to see before, like Kiawah Beach, Francis Marion State Park, Mepkin Abbey, and Charles Towne Landing.


Charles Towne Landing: one of the first British settlements in the New World (founded in the 1600s, a little while after the founding of Jamestown). I can't imagine how exalted the settlers must have been upon reaching such a paradise after so many days on the rough sea

Church ladies as singing entertainment for visitors at St. Matthews's Annual Fundraising Tea. I think they are just so sunny-looking, and I love how there's a wide age range among the singers

 Sanaz-joon and I having fun while selling pasta at the Farmers' Market; so bronzed! I worry that quick beach access may not be a feature of the next places we reside in

more to come...

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