Thursday, March 24, 2011

new name, soul plane

I still bring up India in my day-to-day excursions: at least once or twice when I am hanging out with my friends, and usually when I'm getting to know someone new, since this usually entails exchanging experiences that have deeply impacted ("shaped") us. However, all qualifications and explanations aside, I have decided to rename and redirect my blog, since much of the thoughts and findings I'd like to talk about aren't necessarily related to my foray in India. While closing the official, written chapter on India is bittersweet (shout-out to my favorite chocolate morsel!), I feel confident that I won't forget the lessons I learned while there.

So why "mindset in motion?" I'm a Senior in college, and I'm six weeks away from graduating. While there will still be classes, lectures and talks to fill the next years of my life, I know what's next is going to be much more about trial and error, as well as about risks and gains.

That being said, while I like to consider myself open-minded, when push comes to shove, am I really? Am I too quick to judge something "not for me," without giving it a fair shot? Do I reject ideas because they seem unrealistic? Do I say "no" because I am afraid to fail? 

At this point, I am truly afraid and invigorated, but as long as my mind is open to motion, challenge, and change, I know I got nothin' to worry about. 

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