Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming back to a different place

So you travel somewhere really far away and see (and perhaps in some respects even begin to become a part of) families, communities, and societies far from your ordinary, only to return to the place you left eight months back. Your soul feels more dimensional; come on now, the eight months were for more than just sight-seeing! What was it though that you left behind, either to rot with the garbage marinating in cow dung on the side of the road, or to remain in the archives of interactions of strangers you came to know closely, or simply in the memory banks of the folks you exchanged spirits with as you walked to school and they remained outside of their bright, connected, humble quarters banging clothes on the ground or soaking grains for the day's meals?  
I see you, you see me. Whether or not we feel like smiling matters little right now; we have thoughts churning in our minds. I choose to walk here because I prefer this route to the one with the big-box stores and fast-food chains. I admire and perhaps envy the attention you devote to each "chore," like when you alternate combing out each others' long manes on the steps, mere inches from passerby, and when you tediously construct your cooking stoves right there too from shmutz you've cautiously collected.
Remember though: you are back now, in an apartment in which you'll never need to worry about heating, or about washing your dishes, clothes, and bodies with only a few gallons of water. You're grateful, that's one thing you've come to be; you address thanks to the Universe before eating! How are your patience and gracefulness levels? Higher, plausibly. But what's up with those paradoxical feelings of insignificance and urgency you've started to host? I told you this whole leave-live-return thing wouldn't be easy! I'll tell you something though, buddy, it was not for nothing...

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chris said...

Hello Lauren; Everything and everyone changes enjoy the ride and also go to bed earlier "IT's A SCHOOL NIGHT" lol Chris