Sunday, October 31, 2010

Forgive me, Reader, for I have sinned.

For all of you who think I have fallen gravely ill with dysentery, or have checked myself into a Tibetan
monastery in the Himalayas: I am traveling around northern India during my Fall Break, and have pretty limited Internet access. With my four American companions (including one Indian-American!), I have done some of the following thus far:

-attended a four-day-long Sikh wedding, while donning the infamous Sari mentioned in one of my former posts
-wandered off amid entrancing alleyways in Jalandhar, and drank tea with some Punjabi-speaking residents who wondered what on Earth brought one lone white girl to express interest in their home
-climbed up 130 stairs of a tower at the largest mosque in India and viewed 360 degree views of Delhi (I think I got to feel a little bit like how a bird must feel, so high up and all!)
-nearly got blown away in a monsoon in Delhi, right near the Presidential Grounds, and actually had a good time; somehow my camera was unscathed, and I got to catch the female President as she left her place for a function! Then Ren and I recuperated from the monsoon later that day at a grungy tea stall which was tinged with a mesmerizing pink glow
-ridden on a long-distance train amid regular Indian folks
-experienced the gorgeousness and peace of the Himalayas (yes, THE real Himalayas!)

We have about six days left in our Fall Break; our intention is to spend two more days in the Himalayas (in Manali, specifically), and then visit the Taj Mahal before taking the train back to Bangalore. I promise photos and more when I do make it back to my home base. All my love until then.


Dave said...

Great blog. Lauren.

Are you planning on climbing the big mountain while you're there there: Everest?

Dress warmly of you do!


Esther said...

Lauren -
Your brief description of your travels (Oct. 31 blog) leaves me anxious for more detail. It all sounds so curious and wonderful and great. I understand the time constraints; it's a constant problem when travelling. That's what makes blogging perfect for a natural writer like you.
Love - Esther

chris said...

You are truly a girl of the Punjab. Need to see the photos ! Watch out for the tigers. Gaga got the post card and wanted to Know why the kid had bananas on his head. I told her everyone wears those over there and the subject change when the Pats game came on. glad to hear your well but I still think your having way to much FUN Luv Ya Chris and Grammie Gaga