Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Proper Indian attire?" Better get some soon!

At the christian college I go to in Bangalore, the dress code for girls says ankles and chests must be covered. Most of the other girls in the group have picked up many of these Indian shirts which cost anywhere from 100-300 rupees on the street (like $2-$7), and I have perused a bit, but none of the clothing has truly made me want to own it, so I have held off. For the most part, I follow the dress code by draping a shawl over a modest shirt from the U.S. and wearing jeans or other pants. However, yesterday I came to school directly from wall climbing, and I was wearing a shirt, extremely loose exercise capris, and gym sneakers; trust me, I did not look cute, but still, one of the security guards dressed in his army green suit and beret stopped me and said I was not adhering to the university dress code (I guess because of the capris). Aw, man! I knew I was becoming a bit too lax in terms of my dressage. I really would like to find an Indian shirt that I like enough to wear back at home, but such are hard to come by. They are often boxy, hard to move around in, and of poor quality.

My friend Stevie (on the right, eating her own birthday cake at school) has already bought five Indian shirts. I eventually want to get fitted for one of the gorgeous Indian saris, which women "of age" mostly wear, but I need someone to come with me who really knows what is what; one of my professors offered to take me, so we'll see. All of the women who work at school wear saris, even the ones who use the coconut fronds to clean the ground.

Here are some different saris; they come in silk, cotton, and all colors of the rainbow:


Kristen Gehrman said...

So can you show your tummy in a sari but not your ankles?

Even if you don't want to bring the fashions home, you can still play dress-up while you are there. It could be fun to try to fit in (even if the clothes aren't normally your style).

We got your letter yesterday!!!

Dad said...


Please get me one of the camouflage safari's. Do you think I would look good in a 2 piece?

Miss you, kiddo.


Frank said...


Your brother Frank here! Just want to put in my two cents...

This blog shows a clarity of thought and crispness of rhetoric that far exceed those of other people your and my age. Your voice really shines through!

I think that if you were to get a sari, it would make sense. Saris may traditionally be worn by mature women, yet you have the sophistication to pull it off.

I miss you a ton.


chris said...

let's face it lauren- at 2-7 bucks your not getting 'haute couture' but the glad rags there look like fun stuff and would be cool to wear and bring home with you- in the late 60's it was high style in the west- things always come back -so never foresake you hippy roots. love ya Chris

chris said...

do they have anything cool for guys? chris