Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Learning about] India, one day at a time

Some of my loyal followers know that I will spend the Fall semester of my senior year in India. I often hear, "Why India?" when I tell people my plans, and I understand their confusion; see, India has always been one of those places I've carried in my heart, but never really talked about. I only need to take three Spanish classes to get my degree, so heck, why not spend three months in a place I've dreamed about these past few years? I won't lie, France, Italy, and Spain, were also at my list of potential places to study in, as were Mali and Morocco, but the program in India features great courses at a fraction of the price of the other programs (think 1/2 to 2/3 less). Extraneous costs are much less, too. For example, a beverage can cost upwards of $5 in Europe, while in India it will run you less than fifty cents.

My program begins in Bengaluru (in English: Bangalore) around August 26th, but since I do not have a plane ticket yet (nevermind a job!), I may get my booty over the sea much earlier. Bengaluru is in southern India, in the state of Karnataka, where the language most commonly spoken is not Hindi, nor English, but Kannada.

Bengaluru is the third largest Indian city by population, and is known for IT (info tech). As a result, there's quite a bit of money there, and in some respects, it is not as traditional as other cities. While it is not the first place in India I'd choose to live in for three months, it is where the program is, and that's fine with me as long as I find time to get to know the less cosmopolitan parts of the city and region.

That's all I have today (I don't want to overwhelm), but let me post a few pictures I've scouted out that were taken in Bengaluru. Please come along with me as I learn about this incredible place!

Hebbal Lake

Russel Market

Handicapped artist (on the street?)

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Kristen said...

Oh my lovely lauren... are we met to never ever be in the same place at the same time????

But really, wow! India!!!! You were right to pick it over Europe, it sounds so so so, i don't even know, magnificent. I got your letter today and went right to your blog. Shame on my for not following religiously!

I will follow your letter with another about my budding desire to flee the west and will indulge your incredible, intrepid experience even more... but for now, i hope you buy your ticket and get out as soon as possible. It would really be cool. you are cool.

that's all