Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hope this makes you giggle

I was just looking on the WWOOF USA website (willing workers on organic farms) and found this hilarious listing in South Carolina. I think it needs little explanation!

"Hunters and Gatherers! Looking for a way to live that works well for Human Beings? Then join us as we move backwards, away from the insanity of the modern “civilized” world. Fishing family looking for additional tribal members on their path to personal power. Seeking open minded apprentices with willingness to learn. Need to be able to stay long term, at least a year, and have a desire to participate in creation with its limitless opportunities. We live on 40 acres in a 3 bedroom house and have a big vegetable garden. We fish, shrimp, crab and raise chickens for eggs and meat, raise honey bees. We tan hides and run kayak tours. We live. You will stay in a tipi, tent or camper. English, Swedish and Spanish spoken. No alcohol or drugs. No pets."

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Sanaz Arjomand said...

are you thinking about wwoofing soon? i was checking out their international websites... imagine wwoofing in greece, or france, or an oasis in jordan!