Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Re-dedication of my blog

I felt that my blog seemed a little outdated, so I've given it a fresh look!

I've been feeling pretty good lately. Fall semester concluded beautifully, and the snow outside of my window has just stopped coming down. If you know me, which you probably do, as I only have a few fabulous readers (thank you), you know that I'm a bit flighty, and often in search for something I can't name (alright, I'll say it: awe of our existence, comfort in my skin, satisfaction of the way the world turns). However, what I've discovered lately, mostly through yoga, is that such a search is futile, that while satisfaction can come from external sources, such satisfaction is inherently unstable. Unstable experiences are fine in their own right, but there's one thing that isn't unstable, one thing that will always be there, and that's me! How convenient, right?

I've seen time after time that so much unhappiness (depression, disconnectedness, despair, etc.), generally speaking, is caused by a disassociation with the self. So I'm preaching appreciation of us, not egoism, because I am confident that the love and truth and goodness that I seek is contained within me, and within nearly each and every human being, if only we are willing to let go of the past and the future which suffocate our present existence like big, noxious clouds and embrace US. There's no good reason to feel hopeless because we are exactly what we have been looking for.

So I'm re-dedicating this blog to you and to me: what can help us become to best people we are meant to be? This will not be the only question I will explore, but most issues I will look at will probably come back to the theme of how we treat each other and ourselves. I hope I can bring up some juicy ideas and conversations for us; thank you for your support and love!

Happy New Year!


Sanaz Arjomand said...

i'm so happy to read this new blog post--i have a feeling the fresh take will be a big help to me in the new year.
also, are you up for the yoga revolution? i'm going to go for it, so we should do more classes together!
happy new year,

Lauren Frances Moore said...


so glad you're back in our baby blogospere! looking forward to all the shared ideas and insight to come in this new year, this new decade! let's make it a good one!!

can't wait to see you back in charleston... it's so quiet here without all my buddies!

Kristen said...

i'm looking for some stable zen amidst all the noise here...outside and in my head. Being in greenville is making me moody. I want to hear more about your methods.

can't wait to see you. i'll be down the 18th! we can finally rekindle after a WHOLE YEAR girl!!