Monday, November 2, 2009

To Belive is to Create, adapted from Spanish

"All children are born free of reasoning. That is important. Nobody is born with reasoning. Reasoning is like taxes, a kind of tax that the serpent charges us for living on Earth. This tax that we have been paying for many centuries has brought us to a wisdom, which is the serpent wisdom, and as never before in history, we have decided to disobey, to be able to love the
truth that we have inside.

"That is my point: Mexico and Latin America in general, are countries that have disobeyed, they are places full of this energy, and just by accepting it, by connecting the positive to the negative, we will set it on fire and we will illuminate it. We will light inside and we will become heirs of this wealth of ancestral cosmic knowledge that is in the air for anyone that opens his heart.

"We are at humanity's moment of grace, where it will be consecrated as humanity. It is a dance, let us say, the dance for humanity's graduation, and it is necessary to dance it, it is necessary to enjoy it."-To Believe is to Create

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