Friday, August 7, 2009

"Losing My Fig Leaf"

I found "Losing My Fig Leaf" earlier this summer on the Skirt! website; the article's about nude modeling, and upon reading it, I felt as though I had aged a few years and unknowingly written an article about my own experience (funny enough, the piece was written by another Lauren). Isn't that beautiful? How we can read a piece of writing and feel a connection to other people through common thoughts and emotions?

I have contemplated nude modeling at the College, and I go back and forth between feeling confident enough to present myself to "audition" for the position and not feeling quite ready. Two semesters ago I was a Drawing I student pumped to have a nude model. For me and the majority of the class, the nude models were never about more than beautiful human figures to sketch. However, there is always a boy (or two) in the beginning art classes that is SO EXCITED! for his first session with the nudes; there was one of these types in my class, a red-headed kid who someone got placed in the class, who was whispering to another guy about his first female model, but soon enough, he too saw the nude person for its artistic purpose.

While the idea of nude modeling is not as scary as it was fifteen minutes ago, I'm not so sure that my Fall semester job will involve bra removing. But isn't it just spectacular how words can sometimes make us feel stronger, at least temporarily?


Lauren Frances Moore said...

I'd love to get my hands on this article... I too have wrestled with these thoughts. Can't wait to see you, girl!

Kristen Gehrman said...

I can see you nude modeling, well not that I can see you nude ;) but I'm saying that you seem confident enough to do it.

I'm glad you mentioned this article. Please link to it. I've been trying to submit personal essays to Skirt! and its good to know what they (and readers!) look for.

Amberjade said...

nude modeling is really fun; don't be intimidated! it's a great way to learn about perception and patience and frankness. you'd be great. try Redux or I can give you a couple artists' names. xx