Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The South Carolina State Fair

I am so lucky because today I went, with Andrea, Cat, and Jonathan, to the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia, which is the state's capital and about 110 miles from Charleston, a straight shot down Interstate 26.

Andrea, at the entrance

I love rides, and so does Cat and Jonathan, so we each bought an all-day pass; at $23 it seemed like a better buy than the individual ride tickets. We got there a little passed 1PM and headed for the huge slides and raced each other in potato sacks. The other rides that we rode (at least ten) were crazy, rickety metal contraptions probably made in the 80s and 90s, nothing like the modern rides at Six Flags.

The fair travels around the country, so there were no roller coasters. Cat and Andrea decided to pass on some of the rides, so I rode them with Jonathan:

We went through at least three funhouses and one haunted house, which was not scary. We rode the ferris wheel, too:

We watched a show with sea lions, led by an overly-enthusiastic foreign woman and a sharply contrasting cohort, both dressed in red floral shirts. The sun beat down on the audience as they watched the beautiful animals do strange and inappropriate "tricks." (I do not want to mention my opinion of this in the description of our amazing day at the fair).

We ate sweet potato fries with cinnamon, "x-treme" french fries, and funnel cake. It was hard to decide which foods to buy out of the endless yummy offerings!

We fed goats, sheep, and other animals at the petting zoo; we looked at more than 25 breeds of rabbits and more than 30 breeds of birds; we watched a woman buy two baby chicks for $2 apiece which "her boyfriend would not approve of."

We left the fair around 6PM and had a great ride back. I am so glad that I went to the fair instead of staying in Charleston to work on a story for homework. I took a really nice picture of Cat and Jonathan on the ride home:

Us girls before leaving the fair

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