Friday, October 31, 2008

It's been awhile..

Thank you checking back here despite my respite! I just realized that I have not written much on here lately; in fact, I wrote only 14 entries in 30 days, barely making the halfway point of my original goal! However, I'm not that disappointed with myself because I was still able to learn a thing or two in my failure.

Firstly, I learned that blogging is a diverse activity. For some people, blogging is informal, whereby amateurs write with little regard to organization, grammar, and content. For other people, blogging is an activity that provides a professional advantage. Some people even blog as their main way of making money. Of course I am nothing more than an amateur, though I do spend a good deal of time making sure that my entries are cohesive and grammatically sound.

In the beginning, my goal was primarily quantitative. I learned that creating quantitative goals can be beneficial, as it can ensure a sufficient amount of material that is at least mediocre in quality. However, a large helping of mediocrity does not satisfy the writer nor the consumers as much as a smaller dose of excellent material does. The better entries typically take longer to write, as the amateur must think about sentence construction and meaningfulness. As I review my progress in the last month, I like to think that my first 14 entries were more excellent than mediocre, therefore I am fairly content.

Now is an important time, as the excitement of the first month of blogging has passed. I have decided to keep blogging, and not just because I have been getting positive feedback, but because on this web page, I can get some of the thoughts out of my head that really have no other place and which normally just cloud up my mind.

The one thing that I don't like about blogging is that I have to look at the screen for awhile, but I suppose it's a trade-off that I'm willing to make. Until next time...


Kristen Gehrman said...

lauren and i were just commenting how much we like your literary voice in your blogs.

hardly mediocre

Anonymous said...

It's good to get those thoughts out of your mind and become de-clouded.

Kristen Gehrman said...

update soon of i will cease to follow your wild and whirling words.